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If your water supply comes form a private well source you may experience other water problems:


Type of Problem



Iron & Manganese Symptoms would include; Brown stains on laundry, utensils, glass-ware, stains on sinks and baths.


Acidic Water (Low PH) Blue/Green stains on sinks and baths. Associated with corrosion of metal components in water systems leading to leaks in cylinder boilers etc.
3 Bad Taste & Odours Bad Taste & Odours usually associated with organic components found in water.
4 Bacteria Bacteria can be found in both private wells and in some regional schemes. PLease Note: It is advisable that a full water analysis is carried out to establish the condition of your well water supply.

Below are a number of eco-friendly non-chemical methods of dealing with the above problems.

1. Chem-Free Iron/Manganese Filter

  • Eliminates Brown stains in Plumbing fixtures
  • Non Chemical
  • Low Maintenance

Iron and manganese units are for use with potable water to reduce levels of iron and manganese.

Water containing high levels of iron and manganese can be unpleasant both in taste and appearance often causing staining of baths, basins and clothes.

To deal effectively with the iron a large cylinder, allowing good contact time is essential with an automatic back wash valve so the unit can clean itself.

Types of treatment media and equipment will vary according to the levels of iron or manganese, type of iron and other water parameters, so a test report should be obtained to ensure the proper equipment is supplied.

Silverline manufacture a range of iron and manganese systems using different backwash heads and filtration media to ensure the best and most cost effective solution is available.

NB : where pH level is low a pH correction unit should be fitted before this unit.
Where water appears clean at source but discolours when standing and aerator is advisable.

2. PH Correction

  • This solution is best achieved by passing the water through a vessel of natural limestone

Water with a low pH is regarded as acidic. It is not harmful to drink or bathe in, though it may leave a blue/green ring around baths and basins, cause discolouration to washing and sometimes adversely affect colour treated hair.

The main problem is the damage it can do to pipe work and water tanks, in particular the hot water tank, as the heating of the water makes it more aggressive. The water slowly eats away at the tank and eventually holes develop. For this reason where pH is a problem the whole house should always be treated and many building societies insist acidic water is treated before a mortgage is granted.

3. Activated Carbon

  • Charcoal material which removes chlorine & organic compounds
  • Also used as a polish filter for other water filters

Activated Carbon is a specialised filter media used principally for removing chlorine or organic compounds from water. The benefit of this filtration is a significantly improved taste and the elimination of odours, sometimes associated with a "chemical taint" to the water. Activated carbon is also used as a final "polisher" treatment for many water filter systems. Most of the Activated Carbon used for water treatment is made from baking crushed coconut shell until it produces a charcoal type material. This is then activated with high pressure steam, leaving the carbon with many thousands of minute active pores on it´s surface. The ability of activated carbon to remove contaminates from raw water is dependent upon the length of time the water spends in contact with the media. Therefore, sizing the filters correctly is crucial for effective performance and should be undertaken by an acknowledged water treatment expert.

4. Ultraviolet

  • This treatment is the most effective way of eliminating the threat of Bacteria in water
  • It is non-chemical

Ultra violet water treatment systems (UV sterilizers) kill bacteria in water. They are often associated with well, spring and borehole water but due to increased legislation are now regularly used in food and drink related industries. Micro organisms including bacteria, viruses and cysts are all around us naturally. Many are harmless but exposure to "bad" ones can cause severe illness particularly in the elderly and very young. There is a wide variety of water treatment products available to improve taste, clarity, scale etc but none of these are designed to combat bacteria. UV sterilizers are an extremely effective solution to these problems.