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Water Softener Systems for Ireland

Just a small sample of our customers and their reviews

Currently using: Eco-Elite
Bewleys coffee outlets. Nationwide.
Currently using: Eco-Elite x2
Peter Clohessey (ex Irish international Rugby player). Croakers Bar and Restaurant, Murroe, Co. Limerick.
We had the Eco-Elite water softener installed in Croakers Bar and Restaurant in Dec 07, It's an excellent water softener, no more lime scale anywhere in the bar or kitchen, Very low salt usage and it's great to have no clocks or service to worry about. So good I had one fitted in my home a few months later! I would highly recommend the Eco Elite water softener.
Currently using: Eco-Elite x8
JP Mc Manus (new house). Martinstown, Limerick.

Currently using: Eco-Elite
John and Mairead English. Adare, Co. Limerick.
We had an electrical water softener for a number of years and upgraded to the non electric water softener, a huge difference, water is totally soft , and allot less salt used , and no hassle with setting any clock anymore, brilliant machine.
Currently using: Eco-Elite
Corbert Court Bar and Restaurant, Ballyhea, Charleville, Co. Cork.
I had looked at a number of companies in the area doing water softeners and filters and found that Aqua Safe offered the best type of water softener for our application. We had the Eco Elite non-eletric unit fitted, No problems at all now with lime scale, delighted with it. Thanks, Declan Corbett.
Currently using: Eco-Elite
Windmill Nursing Home, Churchtown, Co. Cork.
There is very bad lime in the water here, so we had the Eco Elite water softener installed by Aqua Safe, it made a great difference to the water. Pat Kennedy
Currently using: Eco-Elite
Denis Treacy, Pallasgreen, Co. Limerick.
I built a new house in 2005 and was very worried about the damage that was being caused to the house heating system when our dishwasher almost stopped working due to the development of limescale. Within a week of the installation of the Eco-Lite the dishwasher was pristine clean again. I would like to thank my plumber, Mike O' Brien for putting me in contact with Aqua Soft and Thomas for his committed professionalism.
Currently using: Eco-Elite
Simon Breen, Tipperary.
Excellent, best money I ever spent!

Currently using: Eco-Elite
Donald Noonan, Tipperary Town.
Very pleased with the Water softener, the Plummer recommended Aqua Safe, a very good recommendation.
Currently using: Eco-Elite
Elaine Walsh, Riverdale Mallow.
Very happy with the water softener, no more cleaning shower heads and the water is lovely and soft.

Currently using: Eco-Elite
Elizabeth Walsh, Churchtown, Co. Cork.
It's great! no more ugly stains of lime on the shower door and sinks, and the kettle is spotless clean again.
Currently using: Eco-Elite
Bill Daly, Newmarket, Co. Cork.
We upgraded to the Eco Elite water softener, huge difference a lot less salt and no clock to reset. Very good, and we are very happy we upgraded.
Currently using: Eco-Elite
John Mc Innery, Clarecastle, Co. Clare.
We are delighted with the water softener, neat job and water is lovely and soft and we also had a drinking filter installed as well.