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Water Softener Systems for Ireland

Benefits of Soft Water

There are numerous benefits of having soft water (as opposed to hard water). Some of these benefits can be seen below.

Do you live in a Hard Water area?

Soft Water can give you:

Are you constantly cleaning the ring of scum from your wash basin?
Wouldn't you prefer a real lather with bubbles and no scum?

Are you constantly cleaning your shower doors?

When you could be enjoying the softness of your power shower.
Are you using a full measure in the washing machine?
When you could be using a tablespoon full.
Are you using descalers such as Viakal, Calgon and Dishwasher salt?
When you could be using 50% less.
Are you replacing Kettles every couple of weeks?
Keep your Kettle Lime Scale Free!
Does your skin feel rough & dry?
Softwater will reduce your maintenance bills.

If you are experiencing any of the problems listed above to the left, then having a Water Softener installed would be a very wise investment.

It could save you up to 500 per annum!
How does a water softener work? Find out more →