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Water Softener Systems for Ireland

Top Ten Reasons to choose one of our Superior Water Softeners

There are so many different types of Water Softeners and suppliers available. Big ones; small ones; cheap ones; electric ones; and the list goes on!

  1. Superior Flow Rates
    Our water softeners (especially our twin-tec) provide the best flow rates on the market. This means that when taking a bath/shower or when using the washing machine, that flow rates will not decrease to a diminished flow. See the video comparison between our twin-tec and another softener by our friends in Harvey Water Softeners.
  2. Non-Electric Water Softener
    Our most popular Water Softeners are Non-Electric. With our Non-Electric Softener, there is no programming required for timed rinse cycles, no reprogramming after power cuts etc. Displacement metering ensures that a rinse cycle occurs when needed, and not wastefully using excessive water every night at 2am.
  3. Twin-Cylinder - Continous Soft Water
    Traditional and cheaper Water Softeners have only a single cylinder. After a certain period, a rinse cycle must take place, using salt to clean the resin beads. With a single cylinder system, this can lead to 'downtime' while the system regenerates. With a Twin-Cylinder, there is always a second cylinder avaliable providing continous soft water 24 x 7.
  4. Accurate Displacement Metering
    Accurate Displacement Metering used in our Non-Electric Water Softener uses up to 40% less salt compared with cheaper brand water softener alternatives. This displacement metering measures water down to every drop. This provides you with an effective water meter allowing you to see how much water you use.
  5. High Quality Manufacture with Trusted Brand Name
    We only supply the highest quality of Water Softener. When investing in a Water Softener, you need to be sure it will last many years of constant use. Cheaper alternative softeners use poor quality plastics and other materials and do not stand the test of time. These cheaper alternatives can cost more in the long run and require premature replacement.
  6. We Deliver the Water Softeners that we Advertise
    We guarantee to deliver and install the products and softeners that we advertise and promote. We do no falsely advertise products purely to lure people in with the intention of supplying cheap imitations. Make sure to obtain the correct brochure on the Water Softener you are interested in before ordering.
  7. Convenient Block Salt & Readily Available Refills
    Our modern Water Softeners use convenient and easy to handle block salt. These come in handy 2kg blocks which can be easily placed into the Water Softener. Gone are the days of having to lift 20kg bags of granular salt to pour into a Water Softener!
  8. No Hidden Charges
    We will give you a full list of prices and costs for the purchase and service of your softener over its lifetime. Things to bear in mind are: costs for a full service; costs for a technician callout; costs for (re)programming of cheaper electric units; availability of parts; type of resin; cost of replacement resin and salt; lifetime of salt and resin; being tied to an annual service contract to avail of a guarantee.
  9. Save on Water Charges. Save on Electricity bills. Save on costs of Calgon and Detergents
    Our Non-Electric Twin Cylinder Water Softener uses accurate displacement metering, meaning that a rinse cycle is only done, when needed. Other inferior units do a daily rinse cycle which wastes salt, and water for the regernation cycle (with water charges on the way in 2013, every drop of water needs to be accounted for!). Softened water keeps cylinders and kettles free from limescale, allowing them to work more effectively and use less electricity. For washing your hands, showering, bathing, cleaning dishes etc. you will be surprised at how less cleaners and detergents are required.
  10. 20+ years experience in the area of Water Softening and Treatment
    Aqua Safe Water Softeners and Treatment Systems have over 20 years experience with Water Softeners and filter systems. You can be assured of our high quality service and recommendation. We pride ourselves in providing the best possible before and after sales assistance for all our customers. Contact us for a reference from someone in your area.