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Water Softener Systems for Ireland

Eco Elite - The most compact and efficient water softener EVER designed!

Do you want a service free system which uses no electricity? Eco Elite can do just that. The unit remains entirely scale free, forever. It uses no electricity, needs no re-programming after power cuts. Some of the key features are: Low Water Usage, Reliability, Easy Loading, Twin System. See more below.

Photos of the Compact & Efficient "Eco-Elite" - Non-Electric Water Softener

  • images/productphotos/eco-elite-water-softener-installed-under-a-staircase.jpg

    The Eco-Elite, non electric Water Softener installed under a Staircase

    Eco-Elite Water Softener fitted under a Staircase
  • images/productphotos/eco-elite-efficient-softener-easily-installed-to-water-system.jpg

    The Eco-Elite is easily plumbed into your house's Central Water System

    Eco-Elite Water can be easily plumbed into your central water system
  • images/productphotos/eco-elite-softener-installed-under-kitchen-sink.jpg

    The Eco-Elite Twin-Cylinder Softener installed under a Kitchen Sink

    Eco-Elite fitted under a kitchen sink
  • images/productphotos/eco-elite-fitted-in-a-press-using-granular-salt.jpg

    The Eco-Elite located in a Pantry Press. This Softener uses granular Salt.

    Eco-Elite in a kitchen press using granular salt.
  • images/productphotos/eco-elite-installs-directly-into-your-water-supply.jpg

    The Eco-Elite Non-Electric Water Softener installs directly into your Water Supply

    The Eco-Elite installs directly into your Water Supply